[Trans] Girls’ Generation Official Page Update – Taeyeon message


“Finally we’ve completed the last Twinkle stage today!!
Thank you for being there from the start to the end, SONE~~! (❤)
To commemorate the last stage, I’ve given you my ‘off-pitch’ singing as a present. heh heh.
It’ll be too boring if everything is so perfect, isn’t it kekekekekeke
Long live Twinkle! Long live SNSD!”

Translated by: @imwhywhy
Credit: Girls’ Generation Official Page


[Photo|Trans] 120520 Girls’ Generation Official Website Update – Seohyun’s message


SNSD’s Taeyeon! Tiffany! Seohyun! Who have been growing eating SONES love (as well as our 6 unnies who are doing individual activities!!) It’s a privilege knowing what SONES love tastes like that only xD have!!^^ Thank you♥

(by: @ch0sshi)

Credit: Girls Generation Official Site

[Photo] 120511 Girls’ Generation Official Website Update – TaeTiSeo’s Message

Soshi is still twinkle twinkling!!
Thank you so much SONE!!
Love you^^

Credit: Girls’ Generation official website
Translation by: Soshified.com

[Photo|Trans] 120507 Girls’ Generation Official Website Update – Taeyeon’s message

베비스텝 아련아련 ~_~


Baby Steps delicate delicate ~_~

Credit: girlsgeneration-tts.smtown
Translation by: Soshified.com


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