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Juniel Debut Stage

Illa Illa + Fool


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Interview + OMG Intro + Twinkle


(Info: Taeyeon and Seohyun are born and graduated from Jeounju arts high school)

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[Photo] KBS Music Bank Special in Jeonju setlist

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[News] Sooyoung to perform with TaeTiSeo on upcoming ‘Music Core’ Goodbye stage

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung will be stepping on stage to support sub-unit group TaeTiSeo.

A representative from SM Entertainment informed OSEN on May 31st, “Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung will be making a surprise appearance on TaeTiSeo’s June 2nd MBCMusic Core‘ stage. Sooyoung will be creating a fresh new stage with Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, singing TaeTiSeo’s song “OMG“.

“OMG” is a electronic, retro-pop subtrack off TaeTiSeo’s mini-album, and Sooyoung will be showcasing her lovely charms that pair well with the sweet lyrics.

This special stage will be TaeTiSeo’s ‘goodbye stage’, after seizing the #1 spot for 3 weeks on SBS Inkigayo‘, KBSMusic Bank‘, Mnet‘s ‘M Countdown‘, and MBC Music‘s ‘Show! Champion‘ with their hit song, “Twinkle“.

In related news, Sooyoung has also been cast in tvN‘s new drama ‘Third Hospital‘ as ‘Viola’. The series begins airing this August.

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[News] Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo Are Charming Because…

Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo Are Charming Because…

The first sub-unit group of Girls’ Generation, TaeTiSeo, or Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun has been gaining attention for the successes achieved by their debut release, “Twinkle.” Since the release of the title track and the mini-album in early May, TaeTiSeo has been ranking on the charts and sweeping the music programs.

With their win on the May 25 episode of KBS “Music Bank,” TaeTiSeo has achieved a “Triple Crown.”

“Thank you for the love you’ve given to our hard work. We are happy to have won your favor,” TaeTiSeo told Star News. “It is because of the love of the fans for all nine Girls’ Generation members that we are able to achieve this.”

According to TaeTiSeo, one of the charms of their current activities as a unit is being able to showcase different styling and fashion. Their look, in colorful dresses, funky but feminine accessories, highlights a different appeal from their usual.

Seohyun said, “I hope TaeTiSeo also gives off a fresh combination. I think it’s also fascinating.”

Taeyeon further said, “Somehow, with nine people, the costumes would be limited to one style that fits all. But with three people, we can try various costumes, too.”

It is the first time since the group, made up of Taeyeon, YoonA, Jessica, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Tiffany, Sunny and Seohyun debuted with “Into the New World” in 2007 that a sub-group was formed. All through their journey towards being a “national girl group” with hits “Gee,” “Genie,” “Oh,” “Hoot,” and “The Boys” in the last five years, all nine members have always promoted together.

“The support from the other members even though they’re busy is giving us strength,” they said.

Tiffany added, “We always remain nine members. We’re constantly talking, and at the end of each performance, members would cheer for us and send us a message. I feel very grateful. We never fail to receive a message of congratulations from every one each time we win No. 1.”

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[News] Taetiseo discusses their experience as a unit and changes in style

Nearly a month into the release of “Twinkle“, Girls’ Generation‘s unit group Taetiseo remains at the top of the charts in addition to numerous wins on major music programs with a triple crown on KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘.

In their latest interview with Star News, the trio expressed, “We’re really amazed but happy that the three of us can win so many great awards like this. It’s thankfully because of the fans that love all the nine members.”

As this is their first unit group since their debut five years ago, it’s expected to be full of new experiences and challenges. The girls said, “We earn a lot of strength from the members that are always supporting us from afar.” Seohyun added, “There are a lot of things that I’ve learned while promoting. I feel grateful for the support that I receive from the other members since we’re promoting away from them now.”

Tiffany stated, “The nine of us share group texts, so whenever we get done with our stage, they send us congratulatory messages saying they enjoyed our stage and that they’re always supporting us. YoonA and Yuri, who are in the middle of filming their own dramas, even send in pictures of themselves watching and monitoring our performances.”

On their change in fashion, the girls stated, “We’re able to try a lot more variety of styles as a unit.” Seohyun said, “I think our biggest charm is for the three of us to bring our individuality together into harmony on stage. I think the combination of the three of us is a fresh one.”

Taeyeon added, “Since there are inevitable restrictions with the way we have to dress when there’s nine of us, we usually resort to having to wear the same outfits. As a trio unit, however, it’s fun to be able to try different varieties.”

When asked to name one negative aspect of promoting as a unit, they replied humorously, “Our waiting room has gotten a lot smaller.” They also added, “We’re always communicating with the other members, but there’s a different energy compared to when the nine of us are promoting.”

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[Video] 120525 KBS Music Bank – TaeTiSeo



*Winning + Encore*

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Congratulations for the Triple Crown girls!! so proud!! ^^

[News] Girls’ Generation members sweep the Friday night broadcasts

Hallyu superstars Girls’ Generation, who are no strangers when it comes to the art of winning, has set a unique yet impressive record as its members swept all three major networks with wins in various shows.

On Friday May 18th, Girls’ Generation unit group TaeTiSeo won their second consecutive #1 on KBS‘s ‘Music Bank, in which Tiffany proudly gave thanks by saying, “I am happy for the love that led to this #1, and I am happy to be Girls’ Generation!

Over in SBS, Girls’ Generation’s maknae Seohyun made her own mark by winning the MVP on ‘100 Million Quiz Show. Her win was all the more impressive when it is taken into account that she was the first winner who made it through without missing a single question. Her flawless performance proved that her charming beauty was matched by an equally impressive brain.

The domination of Girls’ Generation did not end there, thanks to dancing queen Hyoyeon‘s win on MBC‘s ‘Dancing With the Stars 2‘. Her sexy tango routine not only showed off her versatility in dance, but also moved the audience to acknowledge her skills as number 1.

It seems Girl’s Generation once again made the fans and viewers of the Friday night broadcasts “feel the heat”.

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[Video|Caps] 120518 KBS Music Bank – TaeTiSeo

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