[Photo] Bang Bang 2012 Summer Catalogue – CNBLUE

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[Photo] Bang Bang 2012 Summer Catalogue Sketch – CNBLUE

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[News] Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE wants to focus on his music career

Jung Yonghwa, the front man for the band CNBLUE, has been increasing his popularity recently. With the successful wrap up of their promotions for “Ear Fun,” and the upcoming Japanese release of his last series “You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings),” it seems like Jung Yonghwa could easily have his pick of dramas to act in while he fills his time between promotions.

However, this is the last thing that Yonghwa wants to do. Despite the fact that the other three members of the band are all taking in part in the acting industry (drummer Kang Minhyuk is appearing in “My Husband’s Got a Family,” guitarist Lee Jonghyun is in “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” and bassist Lee Jungshin is currently taking acting lessons), Yonghwa wants to take some time to focus on his musical career, at least until the end of the year.

A representative from Yonghwa’s label (FNC Entertainment) stated, “Jung Yonghwa wants to make a name for himself as a musician more than as an actor. As well as taking part in the band’s new album, CNBLUE will be busy touring abroad this year.”

Outside of working on his music, Yonghwa has also tried his hand at producing music. Which helped to launch the career of Korean-Japanese singer Juniel in Korea.

What do you think of Yonghwa’s choice to focus on music instead of acting?

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily (1 and 2)
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[Twitter|Trans|Photo] 120529 Jungshin shared their LA’s selcas

정신입니다! 오늘 지금까지 핸드폰으로 찍었던 사진들을 하나씩 보면서 추억회상중이였어요 그중 몇개를 여러분과 같이 나눌려구요! LA에서 사진을 정말많이 찍었더라구요 사진밖에 남는게 없나봐요

This is Jungshin. Today I was looking at the pictures which I took with handphone one by one, while recalling the memories of mine. I’m going to share some of them with you! I took a lot of photos in LA. It seems like only things left us is photo.

Source: @CNBLUE_4
Translated by: ywhy@why4blue.wordpress.com

[Scan|Trans] “Star1″ Vol. 03 June issue – CNBLUE


Interview: CNBLUE’s Dream Escape

Today is very hot, how does it feel to finally finish the photo shoot?  Arrived at Yeouido which is beside a television studio isn’t there a sense of escape?

Yonghwa : Yes, although it’s very hot but it’s a very interesting photo shoot. Actually, CNBLUE is a very boring group, none of us dream of escaping, and no one escaped too. And we don’t have rebellious mentality. After we finish our schedule we immediately go back home, then we will go to JungShin’s room, everyone stay in his bed chatting. This is how we relax. Sometimes when there are people who gave us pressure, we will gossip about them. But just like today, 4 of us went outdoor together,arrived at Yeouido this small sense of escape is not too bad.

Jungshin: That’s right. Today we just know that it’s very hot out here. Actually it’s hard to relate CNBLUE and the word escape. The 4 of us, we can relax just by watching a movie and chatting together. So there is no need to escape from reality that sort of thing. Because 4 of us don’t easily feel the pressure, furthermore we understand how to sort our feelings so it is ok.

That’s great, so during promotional period you don’t feel the pressure as well? and are satisfied with everything?

Yonghwa: That’s right. Because, to tell you the truth we didn’t have high expectation, but the results were very good. Furthermore we received a lot of attention and love so we are always in good mood.

Minhyuk: During album promotion we had this mindset that we are playing on stage.

In one of the show, Yonghwa said “Because our representatives treat me korean beef, so I gave up my stubborn request about this album’s style”. So after this album promotion, do you feel that what the representative said is right? Or do you have the regret “No matter what happen at that time I should fight and hold on”?

Yonghwa (Think hard for a moment) : Actually, I do have some regret, I should hold on to my own opinion. It’s not that I am not satisfied with the result, because at that time we prepare too hastily for this album so there are a lot places that I regret. There are always this kind of idea “If we are a little bit relaxed during the preparation, maybe the result will be better”. But this album did exceed our expectation. We happily work without any greed, but unexpectedly we won some trophies, so i feel a great sense of accomplishment, and happy too. Furthermore, we don’t really seek triple-crown this sort of thing.

After the promotion activity, is there any break?

Jonghyun: No, none at all. After the promotion activity we keep on working. Solo activity, or learning for preparation of our next album

If they give you 1 week break?

Yonghwa: I want to have a vacation abroad, If I can go I will absolutely take JSand go together. If I can put JS in my pocket, I really want to put him in my pocket and take him everywhere. I will pay for all of his expenses as well, as long as JS agree, no matter where it is I want to go with him. He really makes me willing to do things until this extent. Very comfortable, good at taking care of me, and concern about me… Really a brother that I really like.

Jungshin (Breathe deeply and sigh) : It’s a kind of master and slave relationship. Please don’t have strange ideas about our relationship.

You guys have deep relationship with each other. If 4 Man have to stay together for 24 hours, you will quarrel too right?

Minhyuk: We live together for 5 years, but the strange things is we really never even once have a fight. 4 of us are really close, we know clearly what each of us loves and hates, we will purposely avoid what others hates, we take care of each other feelings. So we seldom fight, and will not do something that will make us fight. Everyone always said that “The ground gets harder after rain” or “man need to fight to get even closer”, but we really are an exception.

Then , what if you have to say about each other flaw?

Yonghwa: We have to say only one? For JS, his desire to joke is too strong. If he decided to make you laugh, his joke will definitely went too far. We said many times that “Just once is enough” but he never change it.

Jungshin: MH don’t have any flaw. Except that he sometimes live in his own world. He is obedient, serious when working, although he is still young, but he is mature. Really can’t find his fault.

Minhyuk: Why do you say so? I am someone who is full off flaw too. Erm..Yonghwa hyung don’t take care of his body well this is a flaw right. When his throat hurt he shouldn’t talk and have to rest obediently but he really talks a lot, and he likes to joke a lot too.

Yonghwa: So, the summary is you want to say that I’m very noisy?

Jungshin: JH hyung is very picky about food. I’m very picky about food too but in the end JH hyung still one level above me. Because of this when trying to choose what to eat, we are always in dilemma

Even like this, we can still feel your brotherly love. Looks like you guys really close.

Yonghwa: We, ourselves always said that “No other group is closer than us”. So we don’t really have friends in entertainment industry. And privately, we seldom go out with other artist too  I’ve never met celebrity friend in private seat.

Jungshin: We always stick together, but if there is one person who have a solo activity and need to leave the group we will feel the emptiness. So 4 of us has a group chat room in our phone, we will chat the whole day, we will send our selca for everyone to see too. I don’t know why he have a lot to say.. it’s reallt funny. We often call each other too. Me and YongHwa hyung even though there is nothing happen, but we used to call each other even though it’s just one sentence “what are you doing” “have you eaten yet?” like this. Just like the level of lovers right? but don’t misunderstand it~

Then, you don’t have something that you are jealous with each other right?

Minhyuk: Of course, we absolutely don’t have jealousy this kind of thing. When other member have solo schedule, rather than envy we will feel “it must be so tiring” like this. And we will worry. Or we will feel motivated and think “I have to work harder”. Within us, we don’t have anyone who want to compete to get better position.

Looks like you have cellphone now? When you just debuted you don’t have it right?

Yonghwa: Yes, we got our phone early this year~ Our representative take care of everything, even activating our phone and give it to us. Recently, sometimes I thought about the day when we don’t have phone, how do we survive. When is the best time to have a cellphone? When we want to order a delivery. Previously, we can only order a delivery when our manager is around, but now we can take care of it ourselves.

I see, so there must be a lot of female artist’s phone number right?

Jungshin: I will let you see my phone, we really don’t have any other phone number except the delivery shop’s number

If you want to write a song, you need to have love experience isn’t it?

Yonghwa : I don’t know if it’s because 4 of us don’t have enough experience or what, we don’t have a lot of love songs. Basically most of them are about chasing dreams that sort of songs.

Ah, recently Minhyuk act in <My Husband Got A Family>, In real life do you have any similarities with Cha Se Gwang, and what kind of person are you in real life?

Minhyuk: Me? I am definitely not someone like that. I am absolutely not a womanizer, I am someone who will only love one person.

Yonghwa: That’s right. MH is a very romantic person. When filming <MHGF>, you will feel a big difference with yourself right? When you look at him, you will know that MH actually is a cute youngster who has a fast-paced life. He is a kind of person who will devote himself to one girl. Am I right? You wouldn’t cheat right? (laugh)

CNBLUE, compared to the flamboyant and fashionable outfit on stage, you emphasize more on casual and comfortable airport fashion, this has become a hot topic do you know that?

Yonghwa : Us? Anyone who took a picture of us in the airport will know that we really wear the most comfortable outfit possible. We used to pay a lot of attention to our outfit, but now we feel that “comfortable is the best”, so we randomly choose something to wear. And we really want to just wear a sportswear when we went out, but because there are cameras so we still have to dress up a little bit.

I see, is there any fashion advice you want to give to each other?

Yonghwa, Minhyuk, Jungshin : JH’s beanie!

Minhyuk : I don’t know when d he starts to wear beanie. To tell you the truth, I already told him that it’s very strange so don’t wear it next time,  but he still walk around with it.

On stage, any style that you don’t like?

Yonghwa: I don’t like overly decorative style, for example smoky make up that sort of things. Everyone think that because it’s a powerful song so we need to emphasize on the visual. For example, a very thick eye liner, or leather clothing. But i don’t like this prejudice, i hope we can have our own style.

So, in the future what kind of  CNBLUE you hope to show to everyone?

Yonghwa : If I can show a more powerful CNBLUE is enough for me. Everyone thought that CNBLUE only suitable to sing “I’m a loner” and “Love Light”. So we want to show our variety of style in music.

JungShin : Our biggest homework is to break our prejudices now, so we always work hard for that.

Minhyuk : That’s right. In second half of this year we should let everyone listen to our new music in Korea. Now, all members seriously prepare for it. Because we are going to challenge a new style of music so everyone please look forward to it. Furthermore, beside music we will let you see our different looks through our acting, everyone please continue to support us!

Scanned by: po_tato + parishin
Translated by: CNBlackYong
via why4blue.wordpress.com

[Twitter|Trans|Photo] 120527 Yonghwa is watching “My Husband Got a Family”

오늘은세광이도나오고콜린도나오는날이라..티비앞에계~~~속앉아있을예정입니다…실은 넝쿨당에 장군이팬이에요전ㅋㅋㅋ크크크크크크크크크크크크 오늘콜린이나오니깐꼭봐야지…아.. 넌내반첫회를보는듯한느낌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ크크ㅜㅠ여러분도같이봐요! 그리고 사진은 세광이 특별출현… 이제말숙씨랑곧만나겠군…컥….ㅜㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋ여러분빠이~~!

Today is the day which both Sekwangie and Colin appears.. so I’m constantly~~~ sitting in front of the TV… Actually I’m a fan of Janggeunie from You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly kekekekekekekeke Today Colin’s going to appear so I must watch it… Ah.. reminds me of watching the first broadcast of You’ve Fallen For Me kekekekeke ㅜㅠ Everyone please watch together! And the picture is of Sekwangie’s special appearance… Be ready to see them soon, now he’s going to meet Malsook… ㅜㅠㅠ kekeke Bye everybody~~!

Source: @CNBLUE_4
Translated by: ywhy@why4blue.wordpress.com

[Photo] Behind the Scene of “Star1″ – CNBLUE

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[Photo] “Style” Vol. 03 – CNBLUE

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