[News] ’1st Look’ reveals B-Cut photos of SM’s Yunho, Leeteuk, Seohyun, and Krystal

Earlier in the month, ‘1st Look‘ magazine revealed a special pictorial featuring TVXQ‘s Yunho, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun, and f(x)‘s Krystal for SM Entertainment‘s new film, ‘I AM‘.

The staff at ’1st Look’ had to cut out some of the photos from the final pictorial but as a special treat for fans they decided to release some of the cut photos to the public. Their official Twitter account recently tweeted, “We’re revealing the ‘I AM’ B cuts that didn’t make the final selection! Check out the close up cuts of Seohyun and Krystal’s unedited figures as well as the statuesque Leeteuk and U-Know Yunho.”

Check out the photos below!

Source & Image(s): 1st Look Official Website
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[News] Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s Childhood Photo Attracts Attention

Earlier this morning, SBSGood Morning” aired a short segment that introduced SM Entertainment’s new movie “I AM.” The program showed brief moments of SM artists like Seohyun, Yuri, YoonA, BoA, Eunhyuk, and others from their childhood and trainee days.

Viewers were especially drawn to Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun childhood photo, which proved the maknae’s unchanging beauty. Netizens commented, “She really didn’t change,” “Awww so pretty and cute,” “Kid Seohyun is adorable,” and more.

Meanwhile, Seohyun is busy promoting TaeTiSeo’s debut mini-album “Twinkle” with Taeyeon and Tiffany.

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[Interview] 120503 Seohyun Talks About Her Past and Future in ’1st Look’ Magazine

In the May issue of “1st Look” magazine, SM Entertainment artists got together to talk about the upcoming release of the documentary film “I AM.” that will showcase the lives of SM Entertainment stars from their trainee days to the historic SMTOWN Live in NYC concert. Along with f(x)’s Krystal, TVXQ’s Yunho, and Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Seohyun took part in the photo shoot, and she gave us a glimpse into who she is, both Seohyun and Seo Joohyun.

“I AM. Seo Joohyun and Seohyun, because there wouldn’t be a ‘Seohyun’ if there was no ‘Seo Joohyun’. Seohyun on stage and the usual Seo Joohyun are really different. I try to draw myself in to maintain my image of living a proper lifestyle because I don’t want to disappoint anyone. People’s watchful eyes have become a good driving force in my life. With company friends and unnies, I have been able to create memories that I would not have been able to at school. When I look back, they were fun, fond days. It’s amazing and a little embarrassing that the trainees days that only I know about will be revealed. Your fingers curl when you look at photos from your past. But I think sharing our memories of the past with others sounds fun. I worked hard from when I was cast in fifth grade until now, and because I don’t regret the time spent, it’s okay if it gets revealed.”

“When I stand on stage, I get nervous, and because unexpected situations can occur, we need even more preparation. I must have confidence on top of that as well. The reason why I chose drama/theatre as my major is to act after learning all the theory first. You only live once, and I can only live as myself. I think I could learn a lot of things if I can live as others through acting.”
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[Twitter|Photo] 120502 Tiffany and Seohyun at I AM Movie Showcase Backstage

5/1일에 전하는 영화 I AM 쇼케이스 현장 대기실 초근접 인증샷 5탄! 선배 강타씨의 연륜과 예성군, 티파니, 서현양의 귀여운 애교가 뭉쳐 SMTOWN 최고의 훈훈함 넘치는 선후배 다정컷 탄

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[Photos] 120502 1st Look Magazine – Seohyun

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[News] Seohyun is the most elegant beauty

SNSD’s Seohyun recently showed off her elegant charms in a dress.

On April 30, Seohyun attended a showcase for the movie I Am at CGV in Yongdeungpo, Seoul, and was bathed in the light from camera flashes.

Seohyun looked mature and elegant in a red see-through dress, covered with laces. She also wore a black belt, which made her waist look even more slim. She showed off her fashion sense by wearing black high heels to match the color with the belt.

The movie is about singers, including, Kang Ta, BoA, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), and SNSD from SM Entertainment. The behind the scene story about their hard work to perform at Madison Square Garden in New York for the first time as K-pop singers will be included. The movie will be released on May 10.

Source: TV Report
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[News] SM Entertainment Holds Showcase for “I AM”

SM Entertainment Holds Showcase for "I AM"

Although the premiere of SM Entertainment’s movie, “I AM” was cancelled, the showcase was still held on April 30 in Seoul.

Director Choi Jin Sung along with all of the SM Entertainment artists attended this showcase including Kangta, DBSK, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and f(x).

“I AM” is a compilation of 4,824 tapes of the SM artists for the last sixteen years along with 4,415 tapes from Mnet. The tapes include footage of the artists’ trainee days, debut performances, everyday routines, flashy concerts and more. The movie is reported to have a dramatic storyline about the development of the SM artists.

“I AM” is set to hit theaters on May 10.

Check out the photos of the showcase below:

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[Photos] 120430 Seohyun at “I Am” Showcase

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