[Facebook] 120509 CNBLUE’s first fan meeting pictures

Here come take a look at CNBLUE’s first fan meeting pictures. The fan meeting took place on May 5, and it had an amazing performance that put CNBLUE and BOICE all together followed by some games and conversations that revealed new sides of the members. Especially for the birthday (May 15) of Jonghyun, we had a surprising party for him. This fan meeting was the special time that fans were able to come closer to CNBLUE, and CNBLUE showed all the love and gratefulness to BOICE fans. CNBLUE looks forward to continuous support and love from BOICE in the future :) Thank you!


[News] CNBLUE touches hearts at their latest fan meet

On May 5th, CNBLUE held their ‘The Story of You and I‘ fan meet at Yeonsei University and met with hundreds of their fans for a heartfelt meeting where they expressed their love and gratification for the support.
The boys spared nothing when it came to fulfilling fan requests and tried to show as many sides of themselves as possible. The boys stated, “The members will be seeing each other for the next 50 or 60 years,” and promised their everlasting friendship to their fans.
Yonghwa in particular said, “CNBLUE and our fans will be together until death,” which drew out deafening cheers from the audience.
Jungshin made the fans go wild with his fan service by letting his tied up hair go free mid-performance, and later writing on his Twitter, “I prepared a lot for the fan meeting but I’m not sure if everyone had fun. Thank you. Let’s have fan meets more often!”
Through parodies, the members made sure to provide some comic relief throughout the fan meet. In return, fans prepared a surprise birthday for member Jonghyun, who teared up on the spot and was momentarily unable to speak.
CNBLUE’s international popularity was also recognized outside of the fan meet, as overseas fans that weren’t able to gain entrance had been waiting outside the hall to catch the boys on their way out.
Source + Photos: OSEN 
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[News] Korean CNBlue Fan Meeting a Resounding Success

CNBlue held a fan meeting in South Korea to the delight of fans. On May 5, CNBlue’s fan meeting was held at Seoul Yonsei University. The title of the fan meeting was “You and My Story.” The fan meeting showed sides of CNBlue that fans did not have a chance to see before.
On May 5, CNBlue stated, “Each of us [CNBlue Members] will see each other for 50 to 60 years in the future. CNBlue and its fans will be together till the day we die.”
Lee Jung Shin showed off head banging while playing the bass. After the fan meeting he tweeted, “We prepared a lot for the fan meeting but I don’t know whether it was entertaining or not. Thank You. I want to have more fan meetings.”
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[News] CNBLUE wraps up a successful fan meeting on Children’s Day

CNBLUE‘s official Twitter recently uploaded a handsome selca of Lee Jung Shin, that got many of his fans ogling over his charming face.

On May 5th, CNBLUE tweeted, “We said we would prepare a lot, but not sure if you guys enjoyed it.  We thank our BOICE[CNBLUE’s official fan club name] so much.  Also, we thank our staff who prepared so much and worked hard.  Let’s do more fan meetings from now on“.

For those who didn’t know already, CNBLUE personally held a fan meeting on May 5th.  The boys personally brought up this idea in celebration of Children’s Day, which is on May 5th in South Korea.  CNBLUE partnered up with their fans to donate and support ‘CNBLUE School‘, a charity project school in Burkina Faso.

Source + Photos: CNBLUE’s Twitter
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[Facebook|Photo] 120505 The 1st Fan Meeting of CNBLUE!!!

D-Day! Are you ready?

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[News] CNBlue to Make Special Donation with Fans

CNBlue to Make Special Donation with Fans

CNBlue announced plans to make a special donation with their fans. The four member group will hold a fan meeting on May 5 to celebrate Children’s Day in Korea. During the fan meet, CNBlue will run a special event where the fans make donations, in partnership with CNBlue, so they can help support the group’s charity project school in the African country of Burkina Faso.

This donation project idea was first brought up by CNBlue, making it that much more special for the group and their fans. During the fan meet, CNBlue will also give live performances of their latest hit songs, such as “In My Head” and “Tattoo.”

“I’m excited to get to meet our fans directly. We’re doing our best to show many unique sides of us, so please look forward to it,” Jung Yong Hwa said of the fan meeting.

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[News] CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa plans song release at fan meeting

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa plans to release his new songs at a Korean fan meeting.

CNBLUE will hold their first fan meeting Voice Day at Yonsei University in Seoul on May 5 at 6:00 in the afternoon. They will hold a mini concert at the fan meeting and will meet with their fans.

The group prepared a special programs so they could have a wonderful time with their fans. They will perform several songs, including “In My Head,” “Tattoo,” “Love Girl,” and “One Time,” which were written by Jung Yong Hwa, live. They also prepared games and made the fans curious.

At the fan meeting, CNBLUE and their fans will raise money for a cause as well. The fund will be donated to CNBLUE School, run and sponsored by CNBLUE, in Africa. CNLBUE’s fans were asked to raise funds voluntarily and made the fan meeting more special.

The group says, “We are so excited to meet our fans. We are working hard to show a different side of us. We think we will have great time playing games together.”

Source: TV Report
Credit: en.korea.com


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