[Photo] 120921 Girls’ Generation at Incheon Airport (going to Jakarta)

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[Photo|Fantaken] 120610 Girls’ Generation at Incheon Airport (from Taiwan)

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[Photo|Fantaken] 120609 Girls’ Generation at Taoyuan Airport

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[Photo|Fantaken] 120609 Girls’ Generation at Incheon Airport (leaving for Taiwan)

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[News] SNSD’s Seohyun looks chic in travel pics

SNSD’s Seohyun is getting a lot of attention thanks to her fashion sense.

On May 23, Seohyun arrived at Incheon International Airport after attending the ‘MBC Korean Music Wave in Google.’

Seohyun looked feminine and chic in a grey glossy dress. She also wore matching black sunglasses, sandals, and a bag, which made her look refined. Her long wavy hair and milky white skin also captured the public’s attention at the Airport.

People who saw the pictures responded: “Seohyun is the fashionista of the Airport.” “She looks good in any clothes.” “Her fashion is the best.” “She is pretty.”

Seohyun is currently keeping busy as a member of SNSD’s unit Taetiseo (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun) with their song “Twinkle.”

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[Photo] 120523 SNSD arrived at Korea

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[News] Seohyun’s blue maxi dress at the airport draws compliments

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun‘s latest airport fashion is attracting a lot of attention.

On May 19th, Seohyun, along with all the idol stars under SM Entertainment made an appearance at Incheon Airport, to make their way to Los Angeles for ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour III‘.

On this day, members, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, and Tiffany walked together to make their departure from Korea.

However, unlike the other members who dressed casually, Seohyun showed off her unique sense of style by wearing an eye-catching bright blue maxi dress. Seohyun, who donned long, straight hair, sunglasses, and a belt across her waist, emitted a goddess-like image. She stood out even more with her stylish sense by color-blocking a yellow handbag with her blue dress.

Netizens who saw Seohyun’s airport fashion commented, “Our maknae changed“, “Seohyun’s all-killed her unnies with her airport fashion“, and “The maknae has matured“.

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[Fantaken|Fancam] 120519 Seohyun at LAX Airport

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