[News] MBC’s ‘Good Day’ reveals Girls’ Generation’s food allergies & meal preferences

It turns out that Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica is allergic to cucumbers.

The June 1st broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Good Day‘ introduced the food businesses that prepare celebrity lunches after receiving special orders from the fans.

One employee who packs lunches for Girls’ Generation remarked, “The fans know what the members like to eat, so they order according to personal preference.

Some of the members have allergies,” the employee continued. “Jessica has a cucumber allergy, and Taeyeon is allergic to nuts, while Tiffany loves eel. One time, we packed two whole eels in one lunchbox.

The public tends to assume that special ‘diet’ lunches need to be prepared for the girls in order for them to maintain their figure, but that isn’t the case with Girls’ Generation.

“[The fans] informed us that there would be no need to pack special diet food,” the employee said. “Because they are very busy and highly active, we tend to focus on packing healthy nutritious food.”

Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate
Credit: allkpop


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