[News] SNSD’s Seohyun and Super Junior’s Yesung have something in common

SNSD’s Seohyun and Super Junior’s Yesung have something in common.

SNSD’s Jessica appeared in the May 18 episode of tvN’s talk show Taxi and told various episodes about her. Super Junior’s Sungmin and f(x)’s Luna appeared on the show as secret guests.

When MC Lee Young Ja asked Sungmin if there is any member who he can’t get a long with, Sungmin said no first but he soon pointed out Yesung.

He said, “We often do rehearsal at 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning and Yesung always warms up his throat in the car. He hits a high note while everyone is sleeping.”

Jessica was surprised and said, “Seohyun does that too. She plays songs that we are going to sing that day and sings along with it in the car. If it takes one and half hours to get our destination, we have hear her singing for one and half hours. One of group members even asked her to stop singing.”

Jessica added, “But Seohyun is like a baby to us. She is very cute working hard.”

People responded: “I was wondering. Seohyun and Yesung are faithful!” “Sometimes, carrying something to excess bothers other people. Seohyun and Yesung should control themselves a little.” “That’s funny.”

Source: TV Report

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