[News] Taetiseo shares an awkward moment with a Wonder Girls’ fan on ‘Hello’

The latest episode of KBS‘ ‘Hello‘ featured Girls’ Generation‘s sub-unit, Taetiseo. The three members, Taeyeon,Tiffany, and Seohyun appeared on the show to listen to the worries of the public.

One of those who had submitted his concern was a young man, who was stressed out about the comparison between himself and his older brother. While he stands at 156 cm (~ 5’1″) tall, and is not good at academics nor athletics, his older brother stands at 181 cm tall (~5’11), possesses good looks, and ranks in the top in terms of academics and athletics.

As he made his entrance, the emcees all remarked, “You’re cute!”, in an attempt to help boost up the young man’s self confidence. However he flatly stated, “I hate being called cute!”.

The MCs asked the young man, “So do you get upset even if beautiful women like Taetiseo call you cute?“. However contrary to everyone’s expectations, he responded, “I actually like Wonder Girls.”

After hearing this, the girls seemed a bit taken aback and the MCs hilariously suggested that Taetiseo take revenge on him by calling him by the word he hates. The members brought laughter as each of them gave him a dirty look and remarked, “You are so cute.”

The young man’s older brother remarked later that as he and his brother are complete opposites, he is a fan of Girls’ Generation while his younger brother likes the Wonder Girls.

Source+Picture: Star News via Nate, ‘Hello’
Credit: allkpop


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