[Video] 120511 KBS Music Bank – TaeTiSeo Performance + Won #1



*Winning Speech + Encore*


Winning Speech Translation

Tiffany : Firstly , SMTown family everybody thank you so much . Teacher , director … thank you all so so much Our manager oppas ___ oppa ____ oppa ___ unnies (should be cody and make up) also thank you guys so much . And all the staff thank you and we love you … and of course … S♥NEEEEE !!!

Taeyeon : woohoooo

Seohyun : Yes

Tiffany : And also our members ! *Seohyun points at YoonA towards Tiffany* *Yoona pop her heads out*
Love you so much and we miss you all so much . Right here YoonA has come

Seohyun : YoonA unnie has also come . and we have also win 1st place . The members who are always here for us our snsd members thank you so so much *Yoonhyun hugs* Please love and support Love Rain too

Taeyeon : Thank you

Credit: stephfanie_805


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