[News] Korean CNBlue Fan Meeting a Resounding Success

CNBlue held a fan meeting in South Korea to the delight of fans. On May 5, CNBlue’s fan meeting was held at Seoul Yonsei University. The title of the fan meeting was “You and My Story.” The fan meeting showed sides of CNBlue that fans did not have a chance to see before.
On May 5, CNBlue stated, “Each of us [CNBlue Members] will see each other for 50 to 60 years in the future. CNBlue and its fans will be together till the day we die.”
Lee Jung Shin showed off head banging while playing the bass. After the fan meeting he tweeted, “We prepared a lot for the fan meeting but I don’t know whether it was entertaining or not. Thank You. I want to have more fan meetings.”
Credit: soompi

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