[News] Girls’ Generation Seohyun Looks Innocent and Sexy in Bed

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun is attracting attention for looking both innocent and sexy in bed in a new photo. As reported before, she and fellow Girls’ Generation members were selected as the new faces of Ace Mattress, and they recently finished filming their CFs. The photo of Seohyun in bed was taken during that shoot and shows the maknae looking angelic in white as she leans on the bed.

In the photo, Seohyun wore a white off-shoulder top and shorts, covering her stomach with a white cushion. While her face and smile radiate “innocent Seo-baby,” something about her pose subtlety exudes sexy.

Netizens commented, “It doesn’t look like a pictorial for a mattress CF, but something for a fashion magazine,” “Seohyun is so pretty,” “She is absolutely gorgeous! The best!” and more.

Credit: soompi


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