[News] Seohyun talks about performing as Girls’ Generation’s unit group!

Seohyun expressed her thoughts about the 3-member unit group, Girls’ Generation-TaeTiSeo’s activities.
On April 5th, while meeting up with reporters, Seohyun said, “It’s new and exciting to carry out promotional activities as a unit group officially for the first time. The responsibility for the three of us to cover the stage exists just as when we performed as nine members.”
She added, “When all 9 of us were having activities, we were really noisy but now with only the three of us, it’s really quiet in the waiting room. I think when there are 9 of us, there seems to be a little more energy.”
Seohyun continued, “After watching the music video, the members thought that it’s much more beautifully-produced than what Girls’ Generation had done in the past and said, “We’re turning into your fans”, showing their support for us.”
Lastly, Seohyun said, “While we try to enjoy our activities (for TaeTiSeo) from the very beginning to the end, I think the experience will be a fun one as well. I hope that we will be receiving as much love as the hard work that we’re putting in.”

Credit: heraldm.com + fanwonder.com (via dkpopnews)

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