[News] Over 10 million Youtube views for Taetiseo’s “Twinkle” teaser videos!

The power of Asia’s most influential girl group, Girls’ Generation has been felt all over the world, within the past few days.

Prior to the release of the official music video for their mini album title track, “Twinkle“, Taetiseo launched three teasers on Youtube, to promote the track’s release.  Within days, the teasers have accumulated more than 10 million views, combined!

As of now, Taeyeon‘s teaser records an astounding 4.9 million views while Tiffany‘s has acquired 3.5 million views. Seohyun‘s Teaser, which was released last, has approximately 2.2 million views.  What’s more astounding is that, Taetiseo is just a sub-unit, consisting of only 3 members from Girls’ Generation, which is a 9-member group.  This begs the question: What would their views be now, if the entire group made a comeback?

According to Youtube statistics, Taeyeon’s teaser became the number one popular video on April 29th, while member, Tiffany’s teaser followed close behind in second place.  Seohyun’s teaser also became the most popular video for a short while, today.

The official music video is scheduled to be released on April 30th, while the physical album will be sold offline on May 2nd.  In addition, Taetiseo will be holding their first performance with “Twinkle” on May 3rd at Mnet‘s ‘MCountdown‘.

<Taeyeon Teaser>

<Tiffany Teaser>

<Seohyun Teaser>

Source + Photos: Nate
Credit: allkpop


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